Consultant Profile

You can expect an SAP consultant from NB to have over ten years experience as either a technical or functional consultant, ten plus years of related business experience and has worked on multiple roll site roll outs, global templates, multiple country, language and currency implementations. NB Consultants have done big bang and phased implementations.

NB Consulting Group, LLC will only employ or use a sub-contracting resource that either has an established relationship with one of the partners or partner’s confidants, or has come highly recommended from someone a partner trusts implicitly.


What our clients say about us:

I have worked with Matthew for over two years as he was our SD/MM/VC consultant at Superior during our SAP ECC 6.0 implementation. In the 15+ years of working with consultants on various projects I have never met a person with more integrity, desire, and commitment to deliver a high quality product than Matthew. His knowledge and experience brought a unique solution to solve a challenging business requirement that wasn’t considered by others, but after vetted through SAP, was determined to be the best approach. His ability to work and communicate with people at all levels of an organization makes him invaluable in implementing an Enterprise project such as SAP. Also, unlike most consultants I have worked with that want companies to rely on their support, Matthew’s approach is to transfer the knowledge to the customer and empower them to take ownership of the system. Finally, I have no reservations in recommending Matthew to any customer looking for a highly experienced SD/MM/VC consultant


Staffing Company

During Axiall’s enterprise-wide implementation of SAP over a 2-year period, Tess was responsible for evaluating numerous disparate legacy applications as well as meeting the integrated business objectives for the new SAP solution. Tess oversaw custom development for the entire project, including custom enhancements, ABAP code, RICEFW testing, and supervising domestic and offshore developers. Tess’ work ethic and dedication to meeting very aggressive deadlines made her indistinguishable from my fellow employees. Late in the project as we were preparing for go-live, we identified some late-breaking business needs that received her attention with the same level of energy as project kickoff. Tess’ knowledge of custom coding and validation testing were essential to user adoption and successful implementation in our very complex PVC compound business. Tess was able to recognize customer requirements and deliver exceptional results on time. Quite simply, we were able to establish the target, constraints, and deadlines — and then count on Tess to deliver the results. I would highly recommend Tess to lead a wide variety of development efforts in SAP implementations that demand exceptional customer focus under stringent business requirements.


Chemicals Company

I had the pleasure of working with Tess on a fairly large and unique SAP implementation. I was the project manager and Tess was the technical team lead. The development team was the largest team and consisted of onsite and remote developers. Tess was responsible for on time accurate delivery of the RICE objects. To accomplish this Tess put on her manager hat when needed, acted as developer when appropriate and also a business analyst. This combination is rarely seen but necessary to ensure that complex requirements were understood at the appropriate level to provide an accurate time and delivery estimate. Tess excelled in her role. She was loved by the client, respected by her peers and really appreciated from a management standpoint. By having Tess in place the overall risk of missing a date dropped dramatically. I whole heartedly recommend Tess and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again

Project Manager

Staffing Company

Rhonda possesses an incredible degree of skill, character, and professionalism which she brings to her engagements. Rhonda has an extraordinarily broad and detailed level of SAP knowledge – and has the ability to effectively translate business requirements into effective solutions. As a project manager, she maintains sight of the big picture, always keeps the client’s best interests in mind, and is always a pleasure to work with.

Business Analyst

Pharmaceutical Company