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Our Story

Throughout my consulting career I have always enjoyed working on projects with rock star consultants. I wanted to have a consulting firm whose consultants are all rock stars.
NB’s network of trusted consultants has grown based on this single principle.

Founded on the Principle that a lot of consulting is Bullsh*t, You will find No Bullsh*t at NB Consulting

Founding Principles

  • SAP customers are best served when the consultants know and trust each other.
  • SAP customers are best served by consultants who believe in your self-sufficiency on SAP. We empower you to make the necessary changes
    to your SAP system that your company desires and is able to manage.
  • SAP is a business process tool not an IT one.
Our Founding Principles | NB Consulting

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    What our clients say

    NB Consulting’s approach is to not just fix problems that you are having. They involve themselves in your processes, to better understand how to make changes to your SAP system – making it easier to manage, report and transact on a daily basis.

    Vice PresidentOmega Research and Development