SAP Order History Product Proposal

I have been an SAP SD consultant for over 25 years. Since NB Consulting has our own SAP S/4 system, I decided to share some of my favorite transactions, functionality and business process designs I have been lucky enough to design or co-design over the years 

The articles are not a substitute for SAP Online Help which will fully describe the available functionality. They are simply what I like about the functionality.

This article is about what SAP calls the Dynamic Product Proposal. I’ve used it to create an SAP Order History Product Proposal.

Order history screen

Here is a customer with a few more months:

Options for SAP Order History Product Proposal

Note that the quantity has been not been entered so pricing or ATP has not been calculated.

I can turn off the functionality with the handy button that looks like Christmas yo-yos.

I can configure the time periods I want the system to compress (day, week, month).

I can pick the type of column headings (date, week, month).

I can pick from the following in my access: (with the classic sometimes useful SAP short text).

Access sequence overview

You can bring cross selling into it or material listing (see screenshot). Or a combination of both.

You can also develop your own function modules to augment standard SAP.

I can configure them such that they check against each other and will only display the results once.

Why is this good for my business?


-Information displayed easily of items the customer has not been ordering lately

-You can see what they order the most and the least of and therefore build a better quote.

Sales orders

-You can easily see the items which have not been order lately and in phone or web ordering incentivize the customer to order those products

-You can use it as easy order entry, no need to search for materials or remember material numbers


The Dynamic product proposal is an effective standard SAP tool to assist order entry and sales in identifying your customer’s past spending habits and using that information to encourage new ones.

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