Rhonda Petrosky


Rhonda Petrosky has more than 25 years of SAP experience, starting at Pennzoil when she had the opportunity to move from a financial analyst position to the SAP implementation team. 

While most CPA / cost accountant / financial analyst types might take a position on the FICO team, Rhonda did not. Having worked with the motor oil packaging plants, she found the manufacturing and inventory management processes fascinating and still does. With an accounting background, she understands why inventory transactions and manufacturing cannot work without financial integration

From her first role on the Operations team for consumer products, Rhonda has expanded her knowledge to include Warehouse Management, including integration with robotic equipment, Purchasing, Repetitive Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Plant Maintenance, and Quality Management. She has been blessed to be part of international template rollouts for a large beverage / food company and was an integral part of the Center of Excellence build for them. Along the way, in addition to consumer products projects, she has worked on pharmaceutical, chemical, life science, and underground furniture projects.

Rhonda believes the customer should be part of the SAP solution. As an SAP consultant, she looks to the customer to help her understand the business processes. In turn, she teaches the customer how their business processes fit within SAP, and how, if the business process could be made better, it should. There is no reason to take a bad business process, slap a bow on it, and call it good. Rhonda also feels that SAP has a good solution and fits well, and if she takes the time to teach a business how to use SAP better, everyone benefits. She treats all members of projects with respect and likes to learn something new every day.

When Matt, Tess, and Rhonda founded NB Consulting, it was because they found each other similar in their work product and their convictions that the client deserved consultants who cared about the solution the client receives. For every project where they are project members, they believe the customer deserves a sustainable solution that is easy to understand and solves that customers’ business needs. They want the client to think of them as a part of a great working team.

Rhonda graduated from Sam Houston State University and lives with her family in Southeast Texas. When not working on SAP projects, she enjoys woodworking with her husband. They have an Alaskan sawmill (a 62-inch bar on a Stihl 880 chainsaw is the biggest one). They have yet to cut down a single tree but have been given trees bound for fires or mulch piles. While they are still novices, they have managed to fashion some slabs into beautiful tables of various sizes and charcuterie boards. The wood working lets her be creative. The oldest live oak tree slab they have worked on to date was 400 years old and was a big tree before the US was a country. Another favorite activity is sitting around campfires (from wood scraps) on peaceful cool nights listening to her family, frogs, coyotes, and the occasional wild hog.

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