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A different kind of helpdesk

We make SAP helpdesk services easy

Pay only for what you use. There are no contracted minimum hours, no minimal price, no retainer. And no need to carry over any unused spend to the next month and the drama that comes with it. We simply deliver the knowledge you need—covering every SAP module and sub-module as well as niche areas like Variant Configuration.

The NB difference is that all our partners are SAP consultants with current experience in their respective modules. Our customers receive the benefit of a big consulting firm without having to pay the big rates. All Helpdesk tickets are monitored and/or triaged by the NB partners. Areas of concern are highlighted for our customers. And our Helpdesk consultants can easily contact us or our consulting network for a second opinion on challenging issues.

we make SAP helpdesk services easy

Standard NB Consulting Helpdesk

Our Standard Helpdesk has different support levels based on the services you require. The cost of support is based on these levels, as some solutions may require more experience and knowledge. We provide a Rate Card to each customer.

As service requests come in, our partners send each Helpdesk ticket to the relevant consultant, based on the experience level required. This ensures the right skilled resource is working for you. Higher-priced consultants don’t work on tickets more suitable for junior consultants, and complex tickets are handled faster by senior consultants.

NB Consulting | Working Remotely

Standard Levels of Helpdesk Support

  • Level 1 — Addresses issues about daily operations on SAP; includes “How-To” questions or simple requests that can be completed within a short time frame. Provides an explanation of how a business process procedure works or helps with executing an SAP transaction.
  • Level 2 — Focuses on issues that require more advanced troubleshooting. May require review or changes to SAP configuration settings, or to the programming of an existing business process. When your company lacks internal resources, you can reach out to NB Consulting to resolve issues in any functional area of SAP.
  • Level 3 — Based around continuous improvement to your company’s current business process. The most common type of request will be efficiency improvements that can be accomplished in a time frame of a few days or a week. NB is proactive in describing areas that could benefit from automation or improvements that will have a financial return.
NB Consulting | Working Virtually

Meet Elite Helpdesk

Some customers prefer to have the same senior consultant helping them on a consistent basis. The Elite Helpdesk service option lets you access help from the same person who has earned your trust with their extensive SAP background. All our SAP consultants have at least 18 years of experience.

We give you more than a quick fix. The consultant not only provides a solution but walks your company through the process of resolving the issue and teaches you how to remedy it. You are enabled to learn beyond the basics and build self-sufficiency for the future.

NB Consulting | Remote Working

Proactive Support

Our Elite Helpdesk services include in-depth, proactive/preventative support. This means we notice opportunities for improvement when we’re in your system working on a ticket. We also look ahead to help you plan for upcoming events, like month-end tasks. With Elite services, there are no different levels of service based on complexity. You benefit from an experienced, proactive consultant who can anticipate your company’s SAP needs.

Guided Resolution

At NB, we love nothing more than working with you on a Guided Resolution. Whether for a Helpdesk item, new functionality, or an improved business, we seriously enjoy the customer’s learning experience. We help teach our clients the way SAP “thinks.” Our customers always gain more when they are included in the resolution process.

NB Consulting | Remote Working

Beyond Helpdesk: Other Supports

  • Project Support — We support “project-based” initiatives that your company identifies as needing SAP consulting expertise. NB can provide a resource that you already know and trust. These projects may typically take a month or two to complete. If resources beyond the Helpdesk are required, we’ll work with you to provide people we all agree are a great fit for your project.
  • NB Helpdesk Knowledge Base — NB Consulting maintains a detailed Knowledge Base with ticket resolutions, articles, and FAQs. Previous Helpdesk solutions stay filed and accessible. If you experience a repeat problem, we immediately point to the solution and save you money.
  • NB’s Own SAP S/4 HANA System — Our S/4 HANA SAP system provides a useful tool for prototyping solutions to tickets without risking your system. It can show you how something you are interested in would look and function in SAP.
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    What our clients say

    NB Consulting’s approach is to not just fix problems that you are having. They involve themselves in your processes, to better understand how to make changes to your SAP system – making it easier to manage, report and transact on a daily basis.

    Vice PresidentOmega Research and Development