Your SAP Self-Sufficiency

By Matt Bertino, NB Consulting

NB Consulting enables your self-sufficiency on SAP. We’re passionate about setting you up for success, and it shows in the way we consult during your project. But what do we really mean by self-sufficient?

Long-Term Solutions

To start, self-sufficiency means your ability to thrive in the long term, after our initial consulting work is complete. It means not having to contact, wait for, and pay your consulting company for every single change you want to make and every question you have. We design all our consulting projects using principles that create self-sufficiency in our clients.

Self-sufficiency also means you contact your consulting company periodically, for infrequent tasks or to bring in new functionality. Or maybe to roll out a new business unit without impacting your company’s support of the live business.

Real-Life Example

We have two customers. One of them, Company A, we enabled to maintain the solution with little or no consultation with us. The other company, Company B, engages us to maintain everything down to variants in reports.

We taught Company A how to:

  • Maintain ABAP customizations in accordance with their solution
  • Maintain SD and MM such that new sales organizations can be rolled out without our assistance
  • Create new sales organizations
  • Enable multiple company code/sales organizations globally, without our assistance

Company B engages us for everything from roll outs to functionality and business process improvements. All normal for a consulting partner.

However, they also engage us for things they should be enabled to do themselves, including:

  • Variant maintenance
  • GL account maintenance
  • Testing
  • Master data mass maintenance

Not only does Company A spend less on consulting, but they are internally enabled to support the business while also adhering to the design that is required for business process change and continuous improvement.

On the other hand, Company B has been similarly enabled to be independent through our consulting, but also hires us for process changes they should now be able to make for themselves.

Build Your Own Super User Group

If you are new to SAP, a good consultant will suggest that you build (train or hire) your own permanently employed SAP support team of Super Users. By doing so, you’ll have an internal team that will enable long-term, sustainable SAP success. And, importantly, your own team is one of the keys to lower your costs for SAP business process change.

This is NB’s suggestion on Day 1.

We assist our customers with the knowledge for each functional and technical role to build your Super User Group—and how to train/find these employees. We will help interview any  candidates and assist in the selection process, even if we are not being financially remunerated for the positions. NB Consulting will support your employees, and we’ll judge our success on how well you do without us.

At NB Consulting, we want to see you succeed in the long term.  We’ll get you on the right path to do it.

Your self-sufficiency on SAP is our core belief.

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