Matthew Bertino

Matt Bertino | NB Consulting

I have twenty-five years of SAP experience in the SAP modules for Sales and Distribution and Variant Configuration. I have picked up a lot from other modules, but it would be unfair to those modules and their experts to claim experience for them here.

I have completed multiple full project lifecycles in the following industries: Distribution, Manufacturing, Staffing, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Hi-tech & FMCG.

I have completed projects in the US, UK and EU including the last 3 years on a global SAP S/4 HANA project.

I believe that it is all about making the system support good business processes and eradicating the  bad business process.  And a good business process is one that increases customer profit; that is it. No smoke and mirrors like “best business practice” templates.  If the system does not meet a good business process for our customers; then I make the system support it with as limited custom code as possible. It is a challenge I enjoy.

I believe the single greatest consultant skill is to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

I believe the only 2 reasons projects fail or do not achieve ROI are: politics and job security.

I believe SAP is a business process tool not an IT one.

I founded NB Consulting when I found two others, Rhonda Petrosky and Tess Prudencio, who had the same beliefs.  I had been looking for them for 7 years as an independent.  And I am glad I found them.  They share another belief; it is all about the team. Cohesive project teams can even overcome job security and politics!  And in the 14 years since NB was founded we found two others we enjoyed working with and so much we asked them to join us as partners: Chip Toland and Vinodh Kumar. 

We live in England in the winter and we are fortunate to spend summers in the Finger Lakes.

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