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We manage it, we improve it and we implement it

NB wrote 100% of every software product we sell

We manage it, we improve it and we implement it.

We currently offer:

  • a within SAP data transformation
  • SAP reporting package
  • SAP Sales Assessment Tool

We are always looking for useful software to build within SAP.

Do you have something that you wished SAP would do? We would be happy to assist you with these needs.

All software is developed in our own S/4 HANA System


The NB Difference

  • All within SAP
  • No 3rd party software licenses
  • SAP data conversion has 3 key elements: Extract, Transform and Load
  • SAP provides as standard: Extract and Load. SAP does not provide Transform
  • NBTransform was built to provide the most difficult and only aspect of a data conversion effort that SAP does not provide standard; Transformation. Built entirely in SAP.

The competing software packages will sell a tool that:

  • Does 2/3 of what is in standard SAP: extract and load
  • Requires a software license
  • Requires consultants to support that software
Data Translation Tool | NB Consulting

Sales Assessor

The NB Difference

Imagine a world where taking a quote was at your fingertips.  And this quote is compared against existing sales.  Wouldn’t that make your life easy?

With a mobile sales quoting tool that evaluated your potential sales vs past sales, this could enhance:

  • Sales Rep Self-Service
  • Real-time quotation processing
  • Insight into previous sales by customer group/product line/any slicing and dicing
  • Detailed product information with pictures
  • Insight into order history
  • Graphical display of sales score
  • Easy upsell – related products at-a glance with available deals
  • Open 24/7 – sales reps can quote outside office hours anywhere
Logistics SAP Solutions | NB Consulting

Transform your data to SAP with NBTransform

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NB Consulting’s approach is to not just fix problems that you are having. They involve themselves in your processes, to better understand how to make changes to your SAP system – making it easier to manage, report and transact on a daily basis.

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